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4 Lessons

Skills to Recession Proof Yourself

Employment models are changing rapidly. Are you prepared for new jobs and new roles?

8 Lessons

Managing Teams

Learn how to manage conflicts, build diversity within the teams and manage virtual teams.

4 Lessons

How to Negotiate Effectively

You might not be aware of your appropriate and distinctive negotiation style. This course helps you in discovering the same.

4 Lessons

How to Manage Your Time Efficiently

Time is a valuable asset and once wasted can't be recovered

6 Lessons

Managing POSH

Our attempt in this course is to ensure that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities in preventing Sexual Harassment at your workplace and creating a safe friendly work environment.

4 Lessons

A Hero’s Journey

The Hero with a Thousand Faces, this session offers a set of ideas and practices that can prepare us in these troubled times. There is something greater inside you. Something more than you are now!

6 Lessons

Managing Performance

In any professional setting, a person's success is determined by the performance outcomes s/he creates, and the way it is created. At the start of your career, it is important to know how to do this well in your own individual capacity as an employee, expert, team member. Once you move to lead and manage teams, you are expected to achieve these performance outcomes with and through your teams. This course explores all the levers at your disposal, to get the best performance outcomes -by yourself, and through the team. It gives you practical and easy to use techniques and tools, as well as tips from professionals who have gone through the same journey.

What Our Learners Have to Say

“What appealed to me is that GlobalGyan makes learning fun ​ through tools such as simulations.”​
Deepika Rao
MD & CEO, Ginger Hotels
“I found the course to be highly informative and beneficial, helping me take better management decisions, running my US & Canadian businesses.”​
Brian Cardin
Director-Sales, UPL North America
“This course has really helped me start thinking ahead and build the strategy for the business. Mega Trends and Connecting the Dots gave me a simulated view on handling such situations.”​
Rajesh More
Sr. Product Manager, Tata Communications