Mastering Blue Ocean Strategy

Course Duration: 3 Hours | Learn about Blue Ocean strategy and delve into a unique framework to design your own ideas. You will learn what is the Blue Ocean concept and how the Blue Ocean Strategy approach is different from the way strategy is normally practiced.
In the midst of tremendous change and uncertainty, many traditional & mature businesses find that they are lost. Growth has slowed down, competition has increased and profits are disappearing. They can choose to go down a sure path of slow death, or they can reinvent themselves. Blue Ocean Strategy is a popular concept developed by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, in their bestseller book of that name. It symbolises a fresh way of thinking about industries and strategies, to find opportunity in the middle of gloom. In this course, Srinivasa Addepalli brings to life this strategic method through a practical discussion. You will learn what is the Blue Ocean concept and how the Blue Ocean Strategy approach is different from the way strategy is normally practiced. Through a case study of a Blue Ocean strategy that actually failed, Srini teaches you a simple & unique framework that can be applied to any industry or business to design appropriate blue ocean ideas. Finally, you get to practice the framework, jointly with Srini, so that you learn the application of the strategy. There has never been a better time than now to master Blue Ocean Strategy and apply it to your business, whether you are a manager or an entrepreneur.

I found this course "Mastering Blue Ocean Strategy" very interesting and relevant. It helped me to improve my understanding of cost leadership and value differentiation. It is very rightly said that achieving both simultaneously is very challenging. But the steps in the Blue Ocean Strategy will help us in laying down the path for achieving such challenging innovative breakthroughs without getting entangled in the Red Ocean of a competitive mindset. This course was helpful in training me for the mindset of value creation using Blue Ocean Strategy through multiple relevant successful examples and learning from failures.

Barku Manohar Mahale


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Srinivasa Addepalli

CEO, GlobalGyan. Srini has been a visiting faculty in the strategy area at leading Indian b-schools including IIM Ahmedabad, NMIMS, TAPMI, IIM Nagpur, and IIT Hyderabad. Srini’s teaching is focused on the areas of business acumen. He works with corporate management teams in the areas of strategic thinking, commercial acumen, M&A and integration, ethics & values, innovation, and leadership communication. Srini has (co-)authored several case studies, which have been published by ISB/HBSP, IIMA and Ivey. His case on business ethics was the Overall Winner at the ISB-Ivey Global Case Competition 2014. Earlier, Srini was Chief Strategy Officer at Tata Communications, a global provider of enterprise and wholesale telecommunication services.

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