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Managing Change

A program for mid-level managers to build expertise in Leadership, Risk Mitigation, Communication, and Stakeholder Management.

Program Duration: 2-3 weeks



The Managing Change program is tailored to equip mid-level managers with a comprehensive understanding of the change management process bundled with tools and strategies to drive successful organizational transformation. The program is apt for businesses undergoing rapid change and are looking to bolster their management pool with proven change management methodologies and templates.

Whom is it

meant for?

Our program is specifically tailored for mid-level managers in organizations transitioning through wide-scale changes who need guidance and support to reshape their businesses successfully. By enrolling in our program, participants will also join a community of like-minded professionals who are committed to achieving meaningful change in their organizations.



Our one-of-a-kind Managing Change program offers mid-level managers the opportunity to:

  • Develop change management skills and become a valuable asset to your organization
  • Drive change initiatives that align with your organization’s strategic objectives



GlobalGyan’s Managing Change program empowers mid-level managers to:

  • Comprehend the need and rationale for change
  • Analyze one’s ability and readiness to deal with change
  • Master the art of driving and leading change management initiatives
  • Apply change management techniques to everyday scenarios and situations
  • Become a confident change champion within their organization

Don't just take our word for it.

Take a look at what our clients have to say about their experiences with us:

Sonali Basu
Sonali Basu Manager, Airtel

The session was quite insightful and refreshing with sudden changes in the workspace. Unpredictable or known changes do happen, maybe at times we act correctly this was a reminder and understanding of what when we don’t. Overall the session was engaging and fulfilling. The activities were interesting and inclusive.

Vedansh Nagar
Vedansh Nagar Key Account Manager, Airtel

It was a great session we got to learn how to accept and react to change. The fundamental concepts discussed helped a lot in providing a fresh viewpoint, especially the kubler ross curve; and the change readiness traits survey provided a great viewpoint to introspect oneself.

Mandovi Srivastava
Mandovi Srivastava Product Marketing Manager, Airtel

The session was good and definitely taught me to embrace change. Mostly change is looked down upon or frowned upon whenever it happens but the session taught us to sail through it happily.

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