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Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking

A program to develop strategic acumen, business agility, customer centricity and how to make a winning move when all your competitors are at par

Financial Acumen

Financial Acumen

A program designed for managers to interpret financial statements in a way that helps to take cognizant pricing decisions, sales planning, and investment decisions

Managing Change

Managing Change

A program designed for professionals who are in-charge of change management projects and look to lead such intiatives in a structured way

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Is a Debt-free Company Better than one with Debt?

Is a debt-free company a sign of achievement for a company? Should all businesses become debt-free? Or does debt actually have a benefit?

Srinivasa Addepalli provides a perspective on this question that has a personal finance application too. Should you take a loan to buy a house? Or repay your loan from your savings?

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