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Strategic Thinking

A program crafted to instill strategic thinking skills in your workforce as second nature.

Program Duration: 4-5 weeks



Our program is designed to equip your entry-level managers with the essential critical thinking skills they need to navigate complex business scenarios, identify key challenges and opportunities, and devise effective solutions aligned with your company’s goals. Our program is designed to empower your organization’s future leaders with the ability to think strategically and drive success.

Whom is it

meant for?

Designed specifically for ambitious entry-level managers, this program offers a tailored approach to excel in strategic thinking and elevate their career trajectories. By honing the art of strategic thinking, participants will gain the ability to anticipate challenges and make well-informed decisions, paving the way for professional growth and success.



With our program, your entry-level managers can:

  • Tackle complex business challenges using critical thinking methods.
  • Acquire a customer-centric view of the business.
  • Learn the art of data collection and utilization for informed decision-making.
  • Solve problems systematically with a structured process.
  • Gain better insights into their contribution to the company’s success.



To empower your managers in navigating intricate business challenges with critical thinking methodologies, we’ve meticulously curated this Strategic Thinking program. The program is tailored to encompass:

Digital learning


Live Session


Real time role plays


practical assignment icon

Case Studies

In-Person Workshop

Learning Nuggets



Our program will enable your entry-level managers to:

  • Gain expertise in three core methods of critical thinking
  • Stay ahead by understanding external trends and their impact on your business
  • Cultivate a profound understanding of how strategy, functions, and roles interconnect
  • Embrace a structured problem-solving approach for sound and effective decision-making

Don't just take our word for it.

Take a look at what our clients have to share about their experiences with us:

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Konark Panday Deputy General Mngr, Godrej Properties Ltd

The tools that have been taught in the Strategy program are helpful. Now when we hear senior leadership talking, it helps us also understand the backlink from where it has come.

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Chandrasekaran N Deputy General Mngr., Mahindra Group

This program is the next level. compared to the last several programs which focused towards individual development, This was giving a holistic view of understanding the business process.

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Chetan Joshi Assistant Manager Acc., Godrej Agrovet

Understanding of strategic and commercial aspects of the business are required across the functions and this understanding will help to work efficiently in your own functions.

Our Engagements


Godrej Agrovet Limited, Mumbai (2024)

Young Leadership Program 1 & 2

ITC,Mumbai (2023)


Indegene, Bangalore (2022)

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