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Create Personal Competitive Advantage In Your Career
Podcast hosted by Srinivasa Addepalli

About this Podcast

Srinivasa Addepalli and all the other gurus at GlobalGyan Academy of Management Education share their secrets of how to build a successful career. Speaking from their years of experience across sectors, geographies and functions, they offer practical insights on how you can create competitive advantage for yourself. In the future of work, you will face competition from not only others like you but also talented people across the world, and even machines! Most young people believe that graduating from a well-known college with a coveted degree will set them up for life, but that is no longer a guarantor of success. Firstly, a majority of smart young people do not get admission into such colleges. And even if they do, what they learn during those few years is often meaningless compared to what they would need to do over the next 30 to 40 years. Creating competitive advantage requires us to learn new, relevant skills but that is not all; just like businesses need to think of the 4Ps (and more), individuals need to work on multiple dimensions to create their own strategy to win in the marketplace for talent. Discover how you can uniquely design and build your career, from those who have succeeded and failed at doing so.

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Episode 1 : Getting Unstuck

80% of young managers said that they did not get the job that they wanted on campus. Just 48% are satisfied in their current jobs.Why are so many professionals STUCK?

Episode 2: Changes Around Us

We discuss two major shifts that are happening in the world of business and people, which would have a huge impact on careers. The biggest shift...

Episode 3: Five Skills to Future-proof Your Careers

The biggest mindset shift that we all need to make is to take personal responsibility for our careers. We discuss the five skills that are...

Episode 4: One Skill to Rule Them All

Our fifth, most important, skill for professionals, to future-proof one’s career is Critical Thinking. To understand it better, I speak with..

Episode 5: Revive Your Pink Moon

Critical thinking is the ability to distinguish between various pieces of data, to be able to derive patterns… and to apply learnings across domains. The reason we need critical

Episode 6: Bracing for Uncertainty

This podcast took an unplanned break, initially due to some health issues that I had and later, the inertia of resuming it. But this seems like a good enough time to restart the podcast.

Episode 7: Why Nobody Wants to Learn

Unfortunately, yet another long break. GlobalGyan has been busy during this period with a wide variety of live programs..

Episode 8: In Pursuit of 100Mn New Jobs

An interesting article in the Mint by Niranjan Rajadhyaksha (“Expand the ‘missing middle’ to fix our problem of job creation”) talked ..

Episode 9: The Triad of Culture, Strategy and Execution

Peter Drucker is supposed to have said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. In other variants, culture skips breakfast, and..

Episode 10: How I Almost Drowned Before I Learnt Swimming

Nobody is interested in learning, I have often complained. But let the record show that GlobalGyan has always sought to help professionals..

Episode 11: How I Stumbled On My Dream Job

Like most Indian students of the nineties, I pursued my higher education options based on what was generally known and acceptable.