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5 Lessons

Building Your Personal Brand

Are you lost in the crowd of professionals? Discover why you must and how you can build your personal brand.

7 Lessons

Mastering Video For Business Communication

Virtual communication is here to stay. Learn the secrets of using digital tools for greater engagement.

2 Lessons

Make Presentations Like a Pro

Presentation skills is not just for corporate employees. It’s a super skill to help you engage with your customers, colleagues or interviewers.

4 Lessons

How to Build a Brand

A popular tool amongst many professionals and companies today.

12 Lessons

Effective Business Communication

The course promises to help you communicate effectively, and efficiently in a professional environment. The content aims to structure your communication skills along with storytelling art and also focuses on how to effectively utilize presentation skills to create a convincing impact on your audience. Our attempt in this course is to help you communicate effectively, and efficiently in professional settings.

What Our Learners Have to Say

“What appealed to me is that GlobalGyan makes learning fun ​ through tools such as simulations.”​
Deepika Rao
MD & CEO, Ginger Hotels
“I found the course to be highly informative and beneficial, helping me take better management decisions, running my US & Canadian businesses.”​
Brian Cardin
Director-Sales, UPL North America
“This course has really helped me start thinking ahead and build the strategy for the business. Mega Trends and Connecting the Dots gave me a simulated view on handling such situations.”​
Rajesh More
Sr. Product Manager, Tata Communications