Practical | Interactive | Gamified

Experience high quality professional learning that integrates with your daily workflows and make a significant impact on your vision and performance

6 Lessons

Connecting the Dots for Problem Solving

Learn concepts and tools that can be applied in your daily work

7 Lessons

Collecting, Analysing & Presenting Data

Handling data for rock-solid decision making

5 Lessons

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Build the most crucial skill required for career advancement.

4 Lessons

Leadership in Isolation Economy

Learn about the characteristics of what is being termed the isolation Economy and the new business models and leadership traits that are likely to be successful.

8 Lessons

Business Analytics Program

Understand how to manage unfamiliar data and generate insights out of it

5 Lessons

Mastering Blue Ocean Strategy

You will learn what is the Blue Ocean concept and how the Blue Ocean Strategy approach is different from the way strategy is normally practiced.

6 Lessons

Fundamentals of Strategy

The course teaches frameworks to analyze the internal & external environment of your industry as well as identification of levers that could help you differentiate.

6 Lessons

Creating Competitive Advantage

In today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) world where any product feature or pricing plans are swiftly copied by competitors, how should companies continue to hold their market share. This interactive course helps you identify the key elements of Creating a sustainable advantage and provides you with frameworks to help stay a step ahead of your competition. 

12 Lessons

Awareness of Business, Customers & Competitors

The course will help you understand the entire ecosystem of a business.

4 Lessons

How to Price Your Product or Service

Learn how to price your service or product, through a better understanding of Cost, Benefit, Value and their linkages with Price.

What Our Learners Have to Say

“What appealed to me is that GlobalGyan makes learning fun ​ through tools such as simulations.”​
Deepika Rao
MD & CEO, Ginger Hotels
“I found the course to be highly informative and beneficial, helping me take better management decisions, running my US & Canadian businesses.”​
Brian Cardin
Director-Sales, UPL North America
“This course has really helped me start thinking ahead and build the strategy for the business. Mega Trends and Connecting the Dots gave me a simulated view on handling such situations.”​
Rajesh More
Sr. Product Manager, Tata Communications