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start learning
Srinivasa Addepalli

Do You Need a Slap in the Face to Start Learning?

Adults do not learn since they are not aware of their capabilities. There is no motivation to learn.

Srinivasa Addepalli asks this controversial question: Is a slap in the face a necessary trigger that will encourage individual investment in learning and capability development.

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Learning from Bhagawad Gita
Srinivasa Addepalli

What I Learnt about Learning from the Bhagawad Gita

The Bhagawad Gita is the greatest source of learning for all of us, but the context of the Gita also has wonderful lessons in learning.

Most professionals eschew the idea of learning, relying on their past academic accolades. Srinivasa Addepalli points out what he learnt about learning from the Bhagawad Gita.

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Srinivasa Addepalli

How to Manage My Boss and Progress My Career!

How to manage my boss is a question that we shy away from. Yet, it has direct and maximum impact on our career progress.

Srinivasa Addepalli shares what it takes to persuade your boss about yourself, and how you can use presentation opportunities to build your profile.

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Are you being defined by your labels?

Often, we let ourselves be defined by labels, either imposed by others or by ourselves.

Labels can be helpful, but can also limit our potential. How do we ensure that we benefit from the labels without letting them constrain us?

Usha Rangarajan delves into this topic.

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GlobalGyan Newsdesk

The post-Corona New Normal – Ajay Nanavati

Future Conversations is a series of discussions with business leaders, academics and entrepreneurs by GlobalGyan.

Ajay Nanavati is the former Chairman, Syndicate Bank and MD, 3M India. He is an innovation evangelist and a Director on the boards of several companies.

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Srinivasa Addepalli

The Curse of Leadership

Now is a tough time for all leaders, faced with choices that are all bad, and outcomes that they have to live with forever. It is important for us to think of the role each of us plays in supporting or derailing leadership. In particular, there are two member types in every organisation that we must be wary of.

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