Hiring Dilemma: Choosing between Two Candidate Profiles

Hiring dilemma

Girish was the Head of Accounting at Profina, a leading finance firm in Kolkata. He had an important hiring decision to make.


Earlier this week, Girish, his direct report (the reporting manager of the role) and the division’s HR Head had interviewed two talented candidates, Malti and Dhiraj, for the Financial Analyst position at the firm. Both candidates were equally capable and functionally fit for the role.

Here’s a profile snapshot for both:

Years of Experience
Working for a major competitor
Extra Professional Qualification* * tagged as a bonus in the job description

Both Malti & Dhiraj’s salary expectations were comparable.


Profina has an unwritten rule of encouraging and improving gender diversity. We emphasise on “unwritten” because, while nothing is set in stone, it is suggested that, with everything else being the same on paper, women would get preference in recruitment.

However, the accounting department, that Girish headed, already bankrolled 75% female employees, one of the highest in the organisation. This got him thinking whether it would be better to improve his department’s gender diversity by hiring more men, i.e. Dhiraj, in this case.

If you were Girish, whom would you hire between Malti & Dhiraj?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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