Career at a Crossroads: Choosing Between Two Job Offers

Choosing Between Two Job Offers
Choosing Between Two Job Offers


Pramod was facing his first career crisis. He had already resigned from his previous job and was now struggling to decide between two offers, both of which appeared attractive on paper, but came with their own drawbacks.

Pramod’s background:

  • MBA from a prestigious B-school in Mumbai
  • Previously employed with a Bangalore-based IT services company specialising in pre-sales
  • Work focus on bid-management, marketing support and client interactions/visits

Pramod felt like his career was stuck; every day felt like there was nothing new. On one such day, as he completed 30 months at the organisation, he decided to resign . He hoped that he would now get out of his comfort zone and do something different. He also had a personal reason to relocate to Mumbai.

The Problem

Weeks passed by without much progress. With less than a month for his notice period to end, Pramod applied to an 8-year-old SaaS start-up for a sales role. He also reached out to his former B-school professor to explore opportunities at an EdTech firm the latter had founded.

Pramod’s notice period ended while his job search was still underway. At the age of 29, he found himself unemployed. Fortunately, two weeks later, both companies made him an offer simultaneously. A comparison of both offers is provided below:

SaaS start-up
Edtech start-up
Sales for UK region; would have to work in the UK timezone.
Product Marketing and Business Development
Clear role definition with structured increments and career progression.
Role definition unclear but could be working closely with the founder.
Beautiful office with start-up vibes.
Functional office with 25 employees
Bootstrapped firm
Over 500 employees across multiple locations.
4-years old
CTC offer 1.3X
CTC offer 1.1X

Pramod has one week to respond to both employers.

If you were Pramod, which offer would you have chosen and why?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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  1. I will prefer to work with Ed-Tech Start-up, as I wanted to do something different and expecting challenging role, by coming out from my comfort zone. As I am going to work closely with Ed-Tech Founder, i.e., my Professor, I can able learn more and may able to support him by taking more responsibility. Though CTC wise little less compare with my other offer, I am ready to comprise for more learning and challenging role. Also I am getting an opportunity to do my personal work, after working hours, as and when absolutely required.

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