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Our learning programs are designed in conjunction with your desired company goals and personal milestones

Capability Development Programs

Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking

A program to build strategic acumen, business agility, customer centricity and how to make a winning move when all your competitors are at par

Financial Acumen

Financial Acumen

A program designed for managers to interpret financial statements in a way that helps to take cognizant pricing decisions, sales planning, and investment decisions

Influencing & Persuasion

Influencing & Persuasion

A program aimed at helping professionals overcome persuasion barriers, improve credibility, and communicate more effectively

Data Based Decision Making

Data based Decision Making

A journey designed to enable managers to use data analysis from a business viewpoint to help make informed decisions

Managing Change

Managing Change

A program designed for professionals who are in-charge of change management projects and look to lead such intiatives in a structured way

Building a Growth Mindset

An intensive new age program to develop the requisite skills means and proclivity to transition from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.


Management Development Programs

"Leadership program for mid-level executives preparing for future roles, offering guidance, tools, and the right approach for career advancement."

A leadership development program aimed at mid-level executives who are looking to take on leadership roles in the future and need guidance with the right tools and approach in preparation for their big move

Leadership Acclerators

Advanced leadership workshop for C-1, C-2 group, addressing critical leadership themes for successful cultural transformations at the organizational level.

An advanced leadership workshop designed for the C-1, C-2 group focusing on the emerging themes of leadership critical for overseeing successful cultural transformations at the organisational level.

First Time Managers

Campus to Corporate Program

A journey designed for first time managers to develop business acumen, strategic thinking, influencing styles and how to manage teams, to drive business outcomes

Campus to Corporate

First Time Managers Program

A journey designed for fresh recruits (GETs, MTs etc,) to hop on to the corporate world with essential pillars of business acumen, agility, collaboration, corporate conduct and diligence.

Trusted by Leading Corporates

GlobalGyan has partnered with leading corporate brands all over India since 2015 to help over 30,000 managers build their Next-Gen Leadership capabilities

GlobalGyan: Empowering 25,000+ managers since 2015, partnering with leading corporate brands across India to build Next-Gen Leadership capabilities.

We Help L&D Heads and HR Leaders in 4 areas

Skills for Entry Level Hires

In-demand Market Skills, Aligned to Organizational Needs, Aligned to Employee Personal Goals, Create a New Normal Ready Force

Build Leadership Pipeline

Nurture the potential employees, Effective Virtual Management, Cross-functional Pilot Roles, Thought Leadership Vision

Upskill Existing Workforce

Root in the Business Sense, Corporate Code of Conduct, Domain Knowledge, Leadership Mindsets, Influencing & Negotiations Skills

Drive Change Management

Acceptance to periodic changes, Culture Transformation Practices, Rotational Job Routine, Build Resilient Workforce

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