Understanding & Managing Stakeholders


Course Duration: 3 Hours

This course talks about two key stakeholders – Customers, and Boss. How you map the entire customer journey & understand the key touchpoints and identify if any of the touchpoints need any improvements. Understand the situational leadership framework, learn about different leadership styles and how it can help in managing and influencing your boss. through active listening and personality mapping.

What will you learn?

  • Learn about Customer Lifetime Value and its power
  • Discover the concept of Leaky Bucket, Customer Acquisition Cost and the pyramid of Customer Value
  • Understand Customer Experience Journey and Touch Points
  • Understand why Customer Experiences Matter
  • What is Customer Relationship Management and why does it matter
  • Learn the significance and fundamentals of Effective Communication with Customer
  • Discover the fundamentals of Email Interaction, Face to Face and Phone Conversations
  • Grasp how to Manage Customer Complaints
  • Learn how to see your Boss as your Strategic Partner and his role in your career progression
  • Discover the framework to Decode your Relationship with Authority
  • Discover Your Boss’s Leadership Style and Direct Your Controlling Style

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