How to Price Your Product or Service


Course Duration: 1 Hour

Learn how to Price your service or product through a better understanding of Cost, Benefit, Value and how they are linked to Price.

For any business, price is one of the most important metrics that connect the sellers with the buyers. However, most sellers believe that their control over Price is minimal, at best.

Price is, of course, set through market forces and benchmarking with competitors. But, what if you could exercise more control over prices?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a gig worker or a corporate employee, this course will provide you with a foundation of learning on How to Price Your Product or Service.

What will you learn?

  • Understand the concept of price and learn about various methods used to decide the price of a product or service
  • Learn about the concept of cost and types of cost that should be considered while deciding the price of a product or service
  • Understand how to establish the value of the product or service with your customer
  • How you can work on all three to create a Win-Win for yourself and your customer

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