Fundamentals of Strategy

Spectacular failures of highly successful companies and the unbelievable rise of unknown upstarts - if there is one thing common to both outcomes, we can be sure that it is Strategy. What does strategy mean, and how do we begin the journey of developing a strategic way of thinking. This course will get you started.

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Every manager needs to think strategically. Every manager is asked – by her/his boss – to think strategically. Unfortunately, it is assumed that ‘thinking strategically’ is a switch that one can turn on or off, on desire.

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals or building blocks of Strategy, beginning with the demystification of what is strategy. We follow that up with a journey into the future, discussing the mega trends that are impacting our lives and businesses. We wrap up with a framework to connect the dots from the future to the present.

Throughout this course, you will have to solve small problems or share your perspectives on the issues under consideration. So, let’s get started!

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