Managing Teams SIndia


In this course you will learn the fundamentals of building, managing and sustaining teams for a highly productive and goal-oriented​ vision. For professionals in the managerial roles it becomes necessary to drive a team that works with 100% dedication and diligence.

Learn the innovative methods of managing team members, managing their expectations and driving a productive team.

What Will You Learn?

  • Analyse your role in and objectives in managing a team
  • Identify what type of managerial role suits your team
  • Learn the pros and cons of controlling a team or empowering a team
  • How to make your team more efficient?
  • Learn to build a team of diversified needs

Learn from Gagandeep Singh

  • MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad
  • Fellow Member, Sumedhas Academy of Human Context
  • Consultant on Leadership, Alignment, Culture & Organizational Transformation
  • Visiting Faculty at leading B-schools- INSEAD, ISB etc.
GaganDeep Singh


Course Overview

Understanding my role in the team

What makes a team?

Five Stages of a Team

Different Styles of Leading a Team

What is your preferred style while leading a team?