The Art & Science of Selling and Persuading


Learn the fine art of influencing. The coursework gives a broad understanding of different styles of influencing and a framework for building synergy with a customer

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3 Hours

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Who is it for?

  1. Business Development Associates/Managers
  2. Sales/Lead Gen Associates
  3. Relationship Managers
  4. Sales Heads
  5. Marketing Managers
  6. Vendor Management Professionals
  7. Aspirants willing to start their own ventures or market their creations


Learn the different influencing styles and how to sell to individuals and to organizations effectively.


What is Sales?

1. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Sales
2. Your Current Job
3. Cheese Sandwich
4. Sales Process

Overview of Roles of Sales & Marketing

1. Importance of Planning
2. Role of Marketing
3. Role of Sales
4. Case Study: Tupperware
5. Sales Vs Marketing
6. McDonald’s Entry to India
7. Maggie Noodles

Understanding the Role of Marketing

1. Role of Marketing In An Organisation
2. The 4 Ps of Marketing
3. Examples

Difference Between Sales & Marketing

1. Marketing Vs Sales
2. Case Study: Paperboat
3. Practice Exercise

Customer Profiling

1. Creating Customer Profile
2. Examples of Customer Profiling
3. Understanding Consumer Needs
4. Practice Exercise

Lead Generation

1. Process of Lead Generation
2. Online Channel for Generating Leads
3. Offline Channel for Generating Leads
4. Examples
5. Practice Exercises

Need Analysis

1. What is Need Analysis?
2. Different Type of Questions
3. Benefits of Asking the Right Set of Questions
4. Simulation

The FAB Framework

1. Introduction
2. Applying FAB Framework in Your Sales Conversations

What is Influencing?

1. What is Influencing?
2. How Do We Define ‘Influencing’
3. Influencing skills & Selling Cycle

Influencing Styles Framework

1. Approached to Influence Others
2. Understand Different Influencing Styles
3. Rationalizing -Influencing Style
4. Assertive-Influencing Style

Influencing Style

1. Inspiring-Influencing Style
2. Bridging Style
3. Negotiation Style
4. Upside of Negotiating style

The Art of Influencing

1. Introduction
2. Do’s while practicing Influencing Styles
3. Don’t’s while practicing Influencing Styles

Intro To Build A Synergistic Relation

1. Thinking, Feeling, Acting Framework
2. Thinking Mindset
3. Feeling Mindset
4. Acting Mindset

Understanding Narrative of A Customer

1. Customer’s Narrative
2. Case Study Debrief

Building a Shared Narrative

1. Introduction
2. Three Layered Narrative
3. Customer’s Narrative
4. Building a Shared Narrative

Building Our Narrative

1. Introduction

GaganDeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh
  • MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad; Fellow, Sumedhas Academy of Human Context
  • Consultant on Leadership, Alignment, Culture & Organizational Transformation
  • Visiting Faculty at leading b-schools
Semira Khaleeli
  • Trainer, Coach and Facilitator- Sales, Communication, Soft Skills
  • Licensed NLP Practitioner
  • Founder of Imagenation


Our Unique Learning Methodology


What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding the concept of “Lead Generation” through examples and practice exercises
  • Decoding the way to ask the right questions and framing of need analysis through simulations
  • Take steps towards a perfect sale by getting familiar with “Features, Advantage & Benefits  Framework”
  • The science of Influencing and the ways it can impact a customer’s mind
  • Learn the tactics and tricks to influence by getting familiar with styles and ways
  • How to build a collaborative and comprehensive relations
  • Getting hands-on experience and knowledge on the customer side of the story and their thinking process through case studies
  • Able to understand and build a shared narrative that helps to understand the customer and his requirements
  • Brushed up skills on Narratives, by understanding the different styles of it.
  • Be a geared-up person, with all brushed up skills and knowledge to close a sale

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In-depth Learning

Learn in deep about Etiquette /Networking /Personality with good examples and case study for Networking topic

Avinash Zade, Godrej Agrovet


Avinash Zade, Godrej Agrovet

Learn in deep about Etiquette /Networking /Personality with good examples and case study for Networking topic

Course Price: INR 1000

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this course benefit?

The art of making a sale is a science, is a trait recognized across professions – whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a mid-level manager, or a sales head. You will benefit from understanding the user needs and making a perfect sale with the FAB Framework

Any prerequisites for the course?

Love to influence others and solve their problems! Just that attitude is required to build on top of it

How will I access the content? Is it available on mobile?

You can access the course on our Anytime, Anywhere Learning G.A.M.E app 

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