Managing Teams


Learn the innovative methods of managing team members, managing their expectations and driving a productive team.

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3 Hours

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Who is it for?

  1. Team Leads
  2. Project Managers
  3. Delivery Managers
  4. Product Managers
  5. All Managers and aspiring professionals who wish to lead


Understanding my Role Taking

  1. What makes a team?
  2. Who is a good team player?
  3. Understanding my team leadership role
  4. What is role taking?
  5. Stages of Team
  6. What is your preference?
  7. Which role to play when?

Controlling & Empowering Teams

  1. Control vs Empower
  2. Control vs Empower & ther PDCA cycle
  3. Delegation- is it Control or Empowerment?
  4. Control or Empowerment?

Managing 3C's of Teams

  1. Understanding the 1st C- Collaboration
  2. What is Collaboration?
  3. Understanding the 2nd C- Competition
  4. What is Competition?
  5. Understanding the 3rd C- Collusion
  6. What is Collusion?

Managing Team Effectiveness

  1. Two-Dimensional View of the Team
  2. The visible and invisible systems
  3. Do’s and Dont’s of the visible and invisible systems
  4. What is Governance?
  5. Managing Conflicts

Sentient System for High Performing Team

  1. Designing Sentient Systems
  2. Why do we need team rituals?
  3. Rituals and sentient systems
  4. Storytelling and sentient systems
  5. Play and sentient systems
  6. Sentient Systems

Managing Diversity within Teams

  1. Seeding and Managing Diversity
  2. Step 1: Inclusions
  3. Step 2: Expression
  4. Step 3: Dialogue
  5. Step 4: Build Consensus
Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh
  • MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad; Fellow, Sumedhas Academy of Human Context
  • Consultant on Leadership, Alignment, Culture & Organizational Transformation
  • Visiting Faculty at leading b-schools- INSEAD, ISB etc.


Our Unique Learning Methodology

What Will You Learn?

  • Analyse your role in and objectives in managing a team
  • Identify what type of managerial role suits your team
  • Learn the pros and cons of controlling a team or empowering a team
  • Understand the 3 C’s of managing and uplifting a team
  • How to make your team more efficient?
  • Learn to build a team of diversified needs
Managing Teams

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GlobalGyan Testimonials

A Golden Opportunity

A golden opportunity to understand about how to apply leadership skills as a team leader

Wincent B, DP World

Course Reviews

Wincent B, DP World

A golden opportunity to understand about how to apply leadership skills as a team leader

Thanks! Very Useful

Have received insights about team effectiveness.

Pratap Sarvanvelu, DP World

Course Reviews

Pratap Sarvanvelu, DP World

Have received insights about team effectiveness.

Good Course for Team Leaders

Every Team Leader should try this once

Girish Sekhar, DP World

Course Reviews

Girish Sekhar, DP World

Every Team Leader should try this once
Course Reviews

Course Price: INR 1500

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this course benefit?

All professionals/individuals like to lead, manage and step up in the ladder, as it gives a sense of achievement as well as a push to reach greater heights. In the journey, it also becomes very necessary to nurture the foundation (your team) on which the success of an organization depends. As current managers, and future leaders this course will benefit you to understand your role in leading your team to success.

Any pre-requisites for the course?

Just need to be a dedicated individual who wish to be a future leader

How will I access the content? Is it available on mobile?

You can access the course on our Anytime, Anywhere Learning G.A.M.E app 

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