40% of the Global 1000 use gamification as the primary mechanism in transforming business operations.


A game of Strategic Alliances

Learn the art and mechanisms of strategic alliances. How to acquire companies or take strategic stakes. Understand emerging market trends to build a portfolio of companies with highest valuation and profitability. Respond to hostile takeover bids and side deals. All while playing.


Financial Playing Cards

Test your knowledge of financial statements and ratios. Use key business ratios to connect the P&L and Balance Sheet. Understand how financial statements are related to strategic issues. Identify the key characteristics of various businesses using simple financial metrics and indicators. Put all your cards on the table.


Business Model Cards

Learn to categorize businesses into various models. Understand the drivers of business models and how value is created in each business. Play with a dozen different industries and learn about every possible business model. These are not just playing cards but a powerful learning tool.


A Sales Battle

Play the role of customers or service providers. Bid for and negotiate deals. Build long term relationships. Shape the market. Learn key principles of building customer value, enhancing wallet share, and developing partnerships. Within a galaxy of super-heroes.


A game of Business Models

Create a new business through investments in key assets and resources. Create your value proposition through a choice of segments and offerings. Develop a profit formula to maximize long-term value. Understand business models to develop in a market hungry for new ventures.

4 Marketeers

The Market Positioning Game

Expand into new market segments. Watch out for emerging trends. Upgrade your technology capabilities. Create entrenched market positions. Learn about positioning maps and diversification strategies. Launch your journey into this automobile market.


A game of International Business

Identify growth drivers and the need for international expansion. Evaluate and prioritize market alternatives. Create appropriate value proposition for each market. Determine entry strategies. Maximize value as you enter the world of creative media.


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