Want your child to prepare for Leadership opportunities?

Introducing LAKSH- A Junior Leadership Program

A Learning & Doing Program for Rising Stars

Aimed at Building 5 Essential Life Skills

Give wings to your child's ambitions.

Irrespective of what career option is chosen…

  • Software Engineer
  • Doctor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Manager
  • Designer
  • Photographer
  • Architect 

Leadership Life Skills are required for all professionals

5 Essential
life skills

Problem Solving

Develop critical thinking to seek information, appreciate multiple perspectives, and think a step ahead 


Build impactful communication techniques to influence others, using various modes


Understand money and wealth, and how to make simple decisions of investments and profits.


Create wealth through intellectual property; identify how to multiply time and space using codification


Take uncomfortable action, collaborate with others to achieve common goals

Why must students build these skills?

During the last 8 years as a teacher and coach,  I have worked with thousands of managers to help build their critical thinking and communication skills. 

I have noticed that most of them have not worked on these life-skills earlier and find it difficult to develop them mid-career.

Unfortunately, our education system (in spite of all the improvements in recent years) is still geared towards linear thinking and teaching all kids what is in the syllabus

Earlier these life-skills are learnt, longer they will last. High school is a great time to hone these capabilities. Not only will they benefit in the long run, this investment will also prepare the kids for their college admissions and interviews.

CEO, GlobalGyan
Former Chief Strategy Officer
Tata Communications
MBA Guest Faculty
at Leading B-schools

What LAKSH Offers

Participants of Laksh will learn by doing. They will create new products, get out of their comfort zone, and collaborate with others. In this, they will receive mentoring and feedback from experts. 

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Hours of Learning
Weeks Program
Hours Live Sessions
Sessions Per Week

Leadership certificate from globalgyan


Your child will learn from corporate leaders and coaches who know the skills that are crucial for professional success.


All participants of the LAKSH program will receive:


Become a Creator and Marketer

Ideate, create, test and sell a product

Learn to Express your Creativity

Publish a creative piece- article, song, poem etc.

Be an Artist

Upload an explanatory video to explore your confidence

Influence Others

Promote awareness and solutions for a critical issue

Manage a Portfolio

Build an investment portfolio and manage its growth over time

Build a Critique

Identify multiple perspectives and argue from both sides

What is the program schedule?

Upcoming Batch: 14th June, 2021

Live sessions every Tuesday and Saturday, 7-8 PM IST

Designed by GlobalGyan Academy - a Trusted partner for Leadership Skills Training by Top Corporates

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions parents have asked before registering 

Yes! GlobalGyan will give all participants a certificate on completion of the program.

The program will have 2 live sessions via Zoom every week.  on Tuesdays and Saturdays 7-8pm IST. Both parents and the participants will be notified and sent timely reminders.

It is expected that participants will work on their assignments / projects during the week. They could spend 2-4 hours per week, depending on their interest level and availability of time.

Good question. The junior leadership program includes 16-hours of live Zoom meetings. Recordings would be available during the period of the program. In addition, the portal will have optional digital content which can be accessed any time. 

  • Learn from experienced faculty
  • Collaborate with other children of similar perspectives
  • Showcase the outcomes of the learning immediately
  • Receive a certificate of accomplishment from GlobalGyan Academy that is a learning partner to the biggest corporates in India
  • This is not just a summer camp to keep your child busy. It’s serious learning with a lot of fun!
  • The program is designed by top corporate leaders and coaches who understand professional expectations and how to build these skills
  • Opportunities for ongoing learning, from peers in the batch and the coaches