Finance For Business Decisions


The course builds upon fundamentals of commercial acumen to help you understand the financial impact of key business decisions

Pre-requisite: Fundamentals of Finance

Course Price: INR 2000

5+ Hours

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A business is all about generating sustainable profits. The course builds up on fundamentals of commercial acumen to help you understand Financial impact of key business decisions. The course will be an interactive journey to equip you with tools to identify early signals of underlying economic issues to help take corrective actions.


Net Working Capital

1. Definition of NWC
2. NWC Contribution to Cash Flow
3. Levers to manage NWC

Cost Structure

1. Lesson Learning Goals
2. Unicorn Case Study
3. Variable Costs
4. Fixed Costs
5. Mixed Costs
6. Economies Of Scale
7. Contribution

Operation Ratios

1. Productivity Ratios
2. Working Capital Ratios

Capital Ratios

1. Introduction
2. Leverage Ratios
3. Debt – Equity Ratios
4. Coverage Ratios
5. Capital Market Ratios

Cost of Capital

1. Introduction
2. Cost of Debt
3. Cost of Equity
4. Cost of Capital

Cash is King

1. Challenges in the Industry
2. Difference in the Depreciation Amount
3. Asset Capitalization
4. Financial performance
5. Cash is King
6. Debt in Balance Sheet
7. Need for short term loan

Srinivasa-Money Wealth Creation
Srinivasa Addepalli
  • MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad
  • Ex- Chief Strategy Officer, Tata Communications
  • Focus on Strategy, M&A, Commercial Acumen, Leadership Communication

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn the most important decisions taken by a company in any year
  • Good Insight into the basics of business finance
  • Understand what is Working Capital Management
  • Learn Cost Concepts & Perspectives
  • How operational decisions affect ratios?
  • Learn how to interpret various ratios to understand business performance
  • Learn the purpose and importance of the cash flow for a company
  • Need of short term loan
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