Diversity and Ethics


Learn how organizations being complex entities, can sometimes be challenging, yet interesting places to work, learn how to handle and turn such complexities to our advantage

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As the name suggests, this course begins with focusing on the self and how one can sail through complex work environments and grow in one’s career. We will learn how organizations being complex entities, can sometimes be challenging, yet interesting places to work. We will learn how to handle and turn such complexities to our advantage. We will also learn that ethics are not just instructions laid out in black or white, but have many greys which require reading between the lines. That how, when it comes to an ethical dilemma, a person’s core values play an important role in decision making. We will also understand how unconscious biases sometimes (read most of the time) affect our decisions. We will also discover the benefits of having a Diverse Workforce and how this could help look at the same problem or solutions to problems from multiple perspectives. The module ends with a very important lesson, which is the need of our times – i.e. Understanding of POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment).

Complexity and Unsaid Rules at Workplace

1. Story of Six Blind Men
2. COS Curious Open and Savvy
3. Impact Intent of an Action
4. Gut Feeling

Getting Acquainted With Ethics

1. Introduction to Ethics
2. Rules vs Norms
3. Practice Exercise: Shopkeeper
4. Moral Compass and the External Action
5. Our Inner and Outer Worlds
6. How we make our choices?
7. Why Make Ethical Choices
8. Case Study: Rahul Dravid

Ethical Dilemma

1. Introduction
2. Pillars of Ethics- Evaluative
3. Pillars of Ethics- Behaviour
4. Pillars of Ethics- Ambiguity
5. Pillars of Ethics- Personal Risk
6. Pillars of Ethics- Concsious Choice
7. Ethics and Communities
8. Identify Your Communities

Heart of the Ethical Dilemma

1. Workplace Community
2. Ethical Dilemma at Workplace Community
3. Ethical Dilemma Exercise
4. Fireworks Exercise

Ethical Toolkit-I

1. Presence of Emotional Connect
2. Awareness and Action
3. Awareness- Recognizing Ethical Situations
4. The Ethical Toolkit
5. Reflect on Your Ethical Triggers
6. The ‘Gut Feeling’ that Something is different
7. Conclusion and Importance of Awareness

Ethical Toolkit-II

1. Action- Making Responsible Choices
2. Case Study: Tea Vendor vs Indian bank
3. Case Study: Sharing of Sensitive Data
4. What Communities are Impacted?
5. Simple rule for Ethics
6. Salesman of the Year
7. Self-Evaluation: Salesman of the Year

Unconscious Biases

1. Unconscious Bias
2. Catch Your Biases

Understanding POSH

1. The Sexual Harassment Act
2. Handbook on POSH
3. Definitions under Sexual Harrasment Act

How to File Sexual Harassment Complaint

1. Filing a Complaint Against Sexual Harassment
2. Internal Committee (IC)

Sonali Gera
  • Ex- Head, Global Leadership Development Cell, Tata Motors
  • Certified Coach
  • Focus on Diversity & Inclusion, Team Leadership, and Performance
Mohan Bala
  • Independent Consultant
  • Executive & Team Coach, Certified Organization Learning Consultant
  • MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur
  • Member and Certified Coach (ACC) of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the intricacies of corporate life
  • Get familiar with the code of conduct and rules one ought to follow in an organisation
  • Decoding the “Gut Feeling” through relevant examples and concepts
  • Clear your confusion with “Ethics” through analogies and comparisons
  • understand why one makes certain choices, the process that goes behind it through classic case study of “Rahul Dravid”
  • Understand the various dilemmas in work environment and how to solve them by following the pillars of ethics
  • Decoding the “Ethical Toolkit” and how to address the concerns of Awareness and Alertness
  • Learn to accept differences by understanding diversity
  • Clear up the concepts of Sexual Harassment Act with caselets to deepen the understanding
  • How to file sexual harassment case
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