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Course speaks about the importance of impressions and how to work the same to have a successful professional life. 

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“First impression is the last impression.” How many times have you heard this advice ? This lesson speaks about the importance of impressions and how to work the same to have a successful professional life. The course can be broadly divided into 3 parts. The first deals with impressions- what creates them and how to improve them. It talks about the factors on basis of which you are perceived and how to work on these factors to create a positive and smart image. The second part speaks about networking and its importance. It also touches upon certain myths about the same and why building a strong professional network is an accelerator to your career. Lastly, the course talks about displaying your professional personality in a digital age, aka social media presence. This part explains the need to have favorable online presence and how to build the same.

Understanding Perceptions

1. Self-Reflection Exercise
2. Importance of Making An Impression
3. How Are Impressions Created?
4. Elements of a Visual Image

Building An Impression

1. Visual Elements of Forming an Impression
2. Dress to Impress
3. Grooming and Hygiene
4. Vocal Element of Creating An Impression
5. Verbal Element of Creating An Impression

Meet and Greet Etiquette

1. The Perfect Handshake
2. Your Introduction
3. Introducing Your Colleagues
4. Exchanging Business Cards

Workplace Etiquette

1. Meaning of Workplace Etiquette
2. Meeting Etiquettes
3. Office Etiquettes

Telephone and Virtual Etiquette

1. Telephone Etiquette
2. Virtual Meeting Etiquette

In-Person Networking

1. How Information Travels
2. Velocity of Information
3. Six Degrees of Information
4. Importance of Networking
5. Networking Myths and Truths
6. Authenticity of Information

How to Network

1. In-Office Networking
2. Networking Outside Office

Building Your Reputation Online

1. Building Your Reputation Online
2. Building Your Profile on LinkedIn
3. Building Your Profile Online
4. Building Your Reputation on Social Media Platforms

Social Media Networking

1. Social Media – An Influential Arena
2. Do’s and Don’t’s
3. Basic Facebook Etiquette
4. Basic Instagram Etiquette
5. Basic Twitter Etiquette

Semira Khaleeli
  • Trainer, Coach and Facilitator- Sales, Communication, Soft Skills
  • Licensed NLP Practitioner
  • Founder of Imagenation
Sonali Gera
  • Ex- Head, Global Leadership Development Cell, Tata Motors
  • Certified Coach
  • Focus on Diversity & Inclusion, Team Leadership, and Performance
Suman Addepalli
  • Director, GlobalGyan
  • Ex-Radio Mirchi Business Head
  • Founder, Urban Firefly
  • Author Indian Retail Industry Best Seller ‘Bag It All’

What Will You Learn?

  •   Get to know about oneself , self-reflection and where one stands.
  •   Is first impression really the last impression?
  •   Ways and tactics to groom oneself and make a lasting impression
  •   The perfect way to start a formal conversation and creating space for oneself
  •   The art of handling meetings and other platforms professionally
  •   Importance of networking and understanding how the information flow works
  •   Tactics to have an eye catchy profile on different media handles
  •   Learn guidelines when working with social media
  •   Build a personality that merges perfectly across different platforms
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