Digital is not just a tool,

But a mindset

New Batch Starts 15th March, 2021

A Digital mindset is the future of strategic thinking

It involves a fresh perspective to the framing of any problem, without traditional constraints of cost & price. 

  • Redefining industries boundaries
  • Disrupting competitive positioning
  • Seeking new ways of doing things


Former Professor of Strategy, 
IIM Ahmedabad


Digital Module 1

Understanding Business Models

Traditional Business Models

Emerging Business Models


Digital Module 2

Blue Ocean Strategy

What is Disruptive Innovation?

Sources of Disruption

Introduction to Emerging Technologies

2 Live Sessions

  • Session 1: Reframing the Opportunity
  • What Industry or market are you in?
  • What do customers want?
  • Who is your ‘competition’?
Session 2: Substitution to Transformation
Using Tech to change the scale
Market & Revenue : 10x
Operations & Cost: 10x
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limited period offer


Registrations are open

New Batch starts on March 15, 2021

Live Sessions on 26th March and 8th April

Limited seats for a small group only

Register before seats run out

Learning Outcomes for You

  • Understand business models and sources of value creation
  • Redefine levers of strategy, without traditional constraints
  • Appreciate role of technology in enabling disruption
  • Become aware of emerging technologies impacting business
  • Apply ideas of Digital Thinking to identify scaling opportunities

Limited Period offer

Digital Thinking & Elasticity

A digital mindset aspires to create 100X impact, with considerable elasticity along market, price and cost dimensions


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions our customers ask.

The program has two components:

      1.Live/Real-time Sessions: Two sessions of 1.5-hours each would be held through Zoom calls

      2.Self-paced Digital Learning: In addition, you would get access to 4-hours of digital learning that you can take up at your convenience, using the GlobalGyan mobile app.

          1.Learn how to think about business transformation & disruptive innovation, in the context of your business/job/career


          2.You can ask questions, have conversations… you get the benefit of digital learning with the advantage of a live session.


          3.Receive a certificate of accomplishment from GlobalGyan, an Edtech company that is a learning partner to the biggest corporates in India

“Never ask advice of someone with whom you wouldn’t want to trade places” — Darren Hardy


  • Learn from industry leaders and coaches who bring their years of experience, not only from their businesses but also their clients from across industries


  • Unlike most online courses, here you will get opportunities to engage with the faculty for an entire month, and beyond
  • Please write to us at and we will get back to you ASAP.