Creating Customer Promoters


This interactive course will help you answer some of the concerns of customers and equip you with frameworks to chart your journey in building happy customers.

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In the world of Social media a single disgruntled customer can lead to a loss of many customers. How do we manage customers in this connected economy? How do we create promoters of our services and more importantly does every organisation necessarily need to be customer centric? This interactive course will help us answer some of these queries and equip you with frameworks to chart your journey in building happy customers.

What is Customer Centricity?

1. Customer Centricity
2. Case Study: McDonalds
3. Industry Experts View on Customer Centricity

Product Vs Customer Centricity

1. Introduction
2. Product Centric or Customer Centric?
3. Difference B/w Customer and Product Centric Organizations
4. Key Reasons to be Customer Centric

Creating Promoters: Closing the Loop

1. Net Promoter Score
2. Closing the Loop
3. Best Practices to Follow to Close the Loop
4. NPS and its Linkage to Customer Delight
5. Case Study: Manufacturing Company

Sameer Kanse
  • MBA from MIT SLOAN
  • COO, GlobalGyan
  • Ex- Business Head, Tata Comm. Media Services
  • Strategy and Product Management

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn why creating customer promoters are important
  • Gain a perspective on how to understand the needs of the customer
  • Analyse the importance of customer centricity approach by industry leading company.
  • Key difference between product & customer centricity approaches.
  • How customer centric approach is delivering greater long-term value to the business?
  • How to create & manage the promoters community?
  • Measuring & analysing NPS
  • Designing & benchmarking custom branded NPS survey.
  • Learn about the best practices and tips that leaders follow to succeed with NPS.
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