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The course promises to help you communicate effectively, and efficiently in a professional environment. The content aims to structure your communication skills along with storytelling art and also focuses on how to effectively utilize presentation skills to create a convincing impact on your audience.

Structures In Communication

Importance of Structures

Objectives of Communication

1. Communication Process
2. Responsiveness to Communication
3. Reasons We Communicate
4. Purpose of Communication
5. Signs of a Good Communicator

Communicating with Stories

1. Learning From Master Communicators
2. Deciphering Communication

The Art of Story Telling

1. Communication Using Story Telling
2. S-C-R Framework

Presentation Planning

1. Economic Buyer
2. Champion
3. Veto Power
4. Compliance Officer
5. Influencers
6. Communication In Business Scenarios

Power of Structure In Presentation

1. Power of Presentations
2. Presentation and Structure
3. Situation Analysis
4. Business Objectives
5. Defining the Problem
6. Identifying Viable Options
7. Evaluating The Criteria
8. Evaluation and Recommendation
9. Action Plan
10. Different Types of Presentations

Fundamentals of PowerPoint Design

PowerPoint and Presentation

Preparing Presentations: Charts & Figures

1. Presenting the Data
2. Charts for Relationship B/w Elements
3. Charts for Comparison B/w Elements
4. Charts for Distribution B/w Elements
5. Charts for Composition B/w Elements
6. Effective Representation of Data

Business Email Etiquette

1. Email Etiquette
2. Four C’s of Email
3. Replying to Emails
4. Follow Up Mails
5. Email Sign-Offs
6. Rules of Email

WhatsApp Etiquette

1. Why WhatsApp?
2. Basic Etiquettes
3. Group WhatsApp

Social Media Etiquette-LinkedIn

1. Building Your Reputation Online
2. Building Your Profile on LinkedIn
3. Building Your Profile Online
4. Building Your Social Media Profile

Social Media Networking

1. Social Media – An Influential Arena
2. Do’s and Don’t’s
3. Basic Facebook Etiquette
4. Basic Instagram Etiquette
5. Basic Twitter Etiquette

Suman Addepalli
  • Director, GlobalGyan
  • Ex-Radio Mirchi Business Head
  • Founder, Urban Firefly
  • Author Indian Retail Industry Best Seller ‘Bag It All’
Sameer Kanse
  • MBA from MIT SLOAN
  • COO, GlobalGyan
  • Ex- Business Head, Tata Comm. Media Services
  • Strategy and Product Management

What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding advanced communication concepts
  • The main elements of effective communication
  • How to make your communication ‘fit for purpose’
  • What makes a meaningful conversation
  • The art of summarising to avoiding misunderstanding
  • Importance of storytelling art for better engagement
  • Key steps to develop and organize content in a presentation
  • Methods of conveying key messages to persuade audiences
  • Understand the importance of Call-To-Action
  • Know what email etiquettes need to follow and the potential pitfalls
  • How to manage your personal brand online
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