No Time For Bullshit

Continuing on the theme of time, I loved the essay, Life is Short by Paul Graham.

The reason we often find the moments ticking away it is because we are wasting it on things that Paul calls Bullshit. Sometimes, we cannot help it, but often it might be a hidden addiction.

I loved this example he shared:

“When someone contradicts you, they’re in a sense attacking you. Sometimes pretty overtly. Your instinct when attacked is to defend yourself. But like a lot of instincts, this one wasn’t designed for the world we now live in. Counterintuitive as it feels, it’s better most of the time not to defend yourself. Otherwise these people are literally taking your life.”

No Time for Bullshit

Using a filter of “does it matter to me?” or more importantly, much later, when the time is (almost) gone, “would this matter?” is a good way of prioritizing how to use time better.

No time for bullshit is a powerful rule for these times!

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