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Our Learners Pan India Speak Highly of the Program

Harini Ganesh
Harini Ganesh Alagappa University, Karaikudi

“I'm Very interesting to learn about business strategy...It's very useful to start business how will manage the company sector...Thank you so much for your guidances...”

Kumar Kartik Amity University, Noida

“This course has a great potential to provide knowledge regarding how to be an excellent manager and how to improve your managerial skills”

Vikas Swaminathan Presidency University, Bangalore

“Great Course! I love the way it is designed, delivered. I learned a lot. The most important part is that I enjoy every bit of the session and completed everything in a short span. :)”

Ganesh Nuthalapati GVP College of Engg., Vizag

“This program consists of interactive assessments which will test the application of concepts to ensure that the Smart Manager Certificate would be equivalent to an industry internship.”

Swarada Khele Program Participant

“I was rejected in the final interview wherever I applied for a job. After SMART Manager training, I received a placement offer from Airtel!”

Suraj Solunke Manager, Hitachi Vantara

“Programme has taught me the nuances of the corporate world and how to make a promising start”

Vishwanath Patne ARMIET College, Thane

“Programme gave me insights about corporates, business acumen and specially how to be ready for interviews. I secured a job as Management Trainee in Glasswing”

Who can benefit from this Job-Readiness Program?

How will this Job Readiness Program Benefit You?

Program prepares you to succeed

You will have Job-Relevant Skills

Everyone has a degree and has learnt common things at college. Build your skills which are not taught in colleges. Become job-ready.

Your Resume will have an Edge

Your resume will stand out in comparison to others competing with you. The faculty are well-known industry leaders.

You will crack interviews easily

Majority of students lose out during the interview stage, even though they are technically sound. Learn how to present yourself and crack an Interview.

You will be Job-Ready

Candidates with Smart Manager Certificate will have an upper edge in their resume and as well as their overall personality and readiness for jobs

Enroll to Job-Readiness Program from Top Industry Body

8 Digital Modules

Content on Business, Financial Literacy and building oneself

Ace Your Interview Skills

Focused Module to help in your job interviews

2 Graded Assessments

Mid-term and Final Assessment to test your learning

Certification from GlobalGyan

Industry Recognised Certification on successful completion




8 Modules

Modules focus on skills that all corporates seek from their employees

• What is Business?

• Key Stakeholders

• Decoding Consumer and Consumer Segments

• Understanding Customer needs

• Need Analysis

• Fabing

• Recognizing Complexity in Corporate Life

• Corporate Code of Conduct

• Complexity and Unsaid Rules at Workplace

• Unconscious Biases

• Understanding Diversity

• Understanding Perception

• Building a Good Impression

• In-person Etiquette

• Workplace & Meeting Etiquette

• Telephone Etiquette

• Understanding Networking and its Importance

• In-person Networking

• Mindfulness

• Yoga at the Desk

• Reducing Stress levels with Gratitude

•Positive Visualization

• Why must we Manage Time?

•Time Management in VUCA world

• Finding Joy in Life and Work

• What is Money?

• Time Value of Money

• The Grammar of Finance

• Profit & Loss Statement

• What is Design Thinking?

• Design Thinking framework

• What is Creativity?

• Different Styles of Thinking

• Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

• AI across different Industries

• Commonly Used AI Technologies Part 1

• Commonly Used AI Technologies Part 2

• Introduction to IoT

• How Internet of Things Works

• Applications of IoT

• IoT Implementation and Future

• Importance of Interviews

• Building an Impressive Resume

• Interview & Job Description

• Preparing for an Interview – Company Research

• Interview & Dressing Etiquette

• Interview and EnGauge Framework

• Role of AI in Recruitment Process

• Building an Effective LinkedIn Profile

Sample Content from the Program

Learn the concept and Apply it right away! Test yourself

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“It is our endeavor that high-quality management learning becomes accessible to all those who need it for career enhancement. Digital training curated by CXO’s and top academicians ensures a level playing field for students".
Srinivasa Addepalli
CEO GlobalGyan

Common FAQs

Here are some of the questions our students ask.

Students of all streams, branches and sectors are welcome to learn & develop the skills industry looks forward to while making hiring decisions. Even if you have already graduated, you can pursue this certification. No prior knowledge is necessary, only hunger to lead the race 🙂

The program content is designed for about 20 Hours of learning along with midterm and final assessments. We recommend 20-30 mins per day consumption for effective retention of the concepts learned. A diligent candidate should be able to complete the program in 4 weeks. We believe in reasonable length of learning as learners generally give up in lengthy courses

The program content is available to you from the day you register. You can access it on web-app. You can learn the lessons at your own convenience. The content will be available to you for 6 months from the day you register.

On successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from GlobalGyan

Grade A- Certificate of Brilliance

Grade B & C – Certificate of Completion

Grade D – Certificate of Participation