Incumbents’ Guide to Disruption


Workshop by Dr. Ashok Korwar



With new technologies emerging every day, the challenge leaders face is to determine if the latest hyped disruption is a passing fad or truly a tectonic industry shift. Many organisations have died due to the sudden emergence of disruptive companies and technologies, initially ignored as niche players. At the same time, there are examples where undue credence was given to emerging business models and technologies which didn’t impact the Incumbents.

How should corporate Leaders evaluate the disruptive potential of Emerging Tech; when should they ‘wait and watch’ & when should they ‘jump’ in the wave or acquire, license or simply block them?

This workshop aims to provide business managers the tools to evaluate new technologies and their disruption potential, and will cover:

  1. What is Strategy, Competitive Advantage and Disruption with examples like Tesla.
  2. Case studies of Successful or Unsuccessful Analysis by an Incumbent.
  3. Intro to AI/ ML / Blockchains and their impact on various industries.
  4. Managing Disruptive Companies: Acquire, Partner, License or Block?

NOVEMBER 23, 2018
9.30AM – 6.30PM

Vega, The Learning Galaxy, 8th Floor
Urmi Estate, Iconic Wing A
Ganpatrao Kadam Marg
Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013