Digital Thinking & Elasticity


Learn how business models are transforming and disruptive innovation is created, from Dr. Ashok Korwar, CEO Coach and former Professor of Strategy at IIM Ahmedabad, and Srinivasa Addepalli, CEO of GlobalGyan and former Chief Strategy Officer of Tata Communications.

4 Hours Digital | 3 Hours Live Sessions

Digital Learning Modules

  • Traditional Business Models
  • Emerging Business Models
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • What is Disruptive Innovation
  • Source of Disruption
  • Emerging Technologies


Two Live Sessions on Rethinking Business Opportunity

  • Re-framing the opportunity from customer perspective
  • Redefining the market and competition boundaries
  • Using Tech to change the scale: Target 100X
  • Market & Revenue: Grow 10X
  • Operations and Unit Costs: Reduce 10X


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