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Learn how to manage stakeholders and ensure maximization of shareholder’s value for the benefit of theirs as well as your business. On successful course completion, get certified from GlobalGyan

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As a young professional your success is driven by your ability to satisfy and engage your boss and your customer. In addition, ability to collaborate and garner support from members in the team, be they peers or people reporting into you is critical to being able to perform your role effectively, and also enjoy your work. This course brings to you the basic principles of understanding these stakeholders, and teaches you approaches and techniques you need to ensure harmonious and successful working with all of these stakeholders.

Understand Customer Lifetime Value

1. The Crucial Stakeholder- The Customer
2. Case of the Long Lasting Customer
3. Power of Customer Lifetime Value
4. Understanding Customer Lifetime Value
5. Concept of the Leaky Bucket
6. Cost of Acquisition
7. The Pyramid of Customer Value

Customer Relationship Management

1. Case Study: Food Express
2. Understanding Customer Relationship Management
3. Why Customer Relationships Matter?

Communicating Effectively With Customers

1. Introduction
2. Significance of Good Communication
3. Fundamentals of Business Communication
4. Email Interaction

Mediums to Communicate with Customers

1. Face to Face Conversations
2. Phone Conversation
3. Case Study 1: At The Restaurant
4. Case Study 2: The Salesman
5. Communicating With Customer

Complaint Management

1. Introduction
2. Complaints are Gifts
3. Why Do Customers Complain?
4. Managing Negative Emotions of Customers
5. Case Study: Luxury Apartment

Know Your Relationship with Authority

1. Introduction
2. How You See Your Boss
3. Role of Boss in Your Career Progression
4. Boss: Your Strategic Partner

Define Relationship with Your Boss

1. Framework to Decode your relationship with Authority
2. Know How you see the Authority

Understand Leadership Style of Boss

1. Thoughts, Feelings and Action Framework
2. Identufy Your Boss’s Leadershio Style
3. Direct Your Controlling Style
4. Supporting Style
5. Coach Style
6. Delegating Style

Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh
  • MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad; Fellow, Sumedhas Academy of Human Context
  • Consultant on Leadership, Alignment, Culture & Organizational Transformation
  • Visiting Faculty at leading b-schools
Usha Rangarajan
  • Leadership & Transformation Consultant
  • Over 30 years experience across functions and industries
  • Focus on design, management and improvement of Customer Experience

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn about Customer Lifetime Value and its power
  • Discover the concept of Leaky Bucket, Customer Acquisition Cost and the pyramid of Customer Value
  • Understand Customer Experience Journey and Touch Points
  • Understand why Customer Experiences Matter
  • What is Customer Relationship Management and why does it matter
  • Learn the significance and fundamentals of Effective Communication with Customer
  • Discover the fundamentals of Email Interaction, Face to Face and Phone Conversations
  • Grasp how to Manage Customer Complaints
  • Learn how to see your Boss as your Strategic Partner and his role in your career progression
  • Discover the framework to Decode your Relationship with Authority
  • Discover Your Boss’s Leadership Style and Direct Your Controlling Style
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