Financial Acumen for women professionals

Build Financial Acumen & Break Stereotypes

Women make up almost half the population, it would be unfair if only the remaining half made all financial decisions

Cohort Commences January 9th 2023 | 10 Hours Self Learning | 2 Hours Live Q&A 

What is the issue?

59% of working women do not make their own financial decisions

Research has revealed that 59% of working women do not make their financial decisions. Participation of women in financial decisions, whether at work or home is crucial.

It's time to break stereotypes!

Finance is not just for men!

Research also shows that many women feel intimidated by financial decisions probably as a result of social conditioning. This has implications on the career progress of women into senior roles or entrepreneurship. Finance is for you too

Financial Acumen for Women - Break Stereotypes
What change will learning finance bring?

Building Financial Acumen is a crucial enabler to both professional and personal growth

We are constantly dealing with financial concepts: revenues, costs, investments, budgets, returns, etc. Most professionals have not formally learnt about financial terms and analysis (or if they have, years of non-application has negated the learning). We need to be aware of financial concepts, in a manner that is meaningful to our work. Our objective is not make you accountants or finance professionals, but build awareness of finance for take better decisions

GlobalGyan has helped 5000+ managers develop their financial acumen through its highly acclaimed learning program.

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Content Coverage

Financial Acumen Program Curriculum

Financial Acumen program is an interactive journey to lay the foundations of understanding Financial statements to use these skills in practical situations like Pricing decisions, Sales planning and Strategy.

Module 1 - Fundamentals of Finance

Learn why money is the global standard of measuring the market and economic values

Learn how and why money behaves in a certain manner during different economic weathers

Accounting Principles are nothing butthe“Grammar” for financial statements. A set of principles accepted & understood by everyone uniformly as the language of Finance. This grammar is calledGenerally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). In this module we will learn about the 10 basic principles of accounting. 

Apply the basics of accounting principle and learn to interpret the profit and loss statement of any company.  

Understand the structure of balance-sheet, how to read this statement which matters the most to the investors

Module 2 - Financial Analysis

Combine all three independent statements i.e. the P&L statement, the balance-sheet, and the cash flow statement to create the BIG picture of the financials of a business

Understand one of the most important ‘ratios’ that drives cash flow. The module also covers the levers that are available to improve Net Working Capital. 

Learn to conduct financial analysis by understanding and interpreting key financial ratios.  

Learn to conduct financial analysis by understanding and interpreting key financial ratios

Learn about types of Cost structures and cost structure attributes

Module 3 - Decision Making

Learn how to develop a business plan. The lesson also covers guidelines for making estimations of revenues, expenses, capex.

Learn about discounting cashflows, how to use investment decision techniques such as NPV, IRR to decide regarding investment.

Learn about various techniques and factors considered while pricing. The lesson covers setting price using outside-in (value) and inside-out (cost-based) methods.

Understand EVA and ROCE, and how managers – from any function – can improve EVA/ROCE through their daily actions.

An interesting read

3 Financial Concepts of Decision Making for Everyone

Key Components

Financial Acumen Program Highlights

Financial Acumen program is a blend of practical learning components which helps in application of the concepts learned.

Cohort Starts January 9, 2023

Self-Paced Interactive Modules

Modules focused on various financial concepts with in-lesson exercises

Two Simulations

Games to help you learn and test yourself

Quizzes and Assessments

Every lesson in the module is accompanied by quizzes and assessments

Tutorial Sessions

Faculty experts discuss your QnA

Live MasterClass

Expert session on 'Managing Your Personal Finances'

Graduation Session

Session with leaders and guests speakers

Cohort Ends March 8, 2023

Financial Acumen for Women - Defy the Odds
Financial Acumen for Women - Knowledge is Power
What will you learn?

Skills Covered in Financial Acumen Program

Interpret Financial Statements

Learn how to assess the financial health of a firm from the P&L and Balance Sheet

Ratio Analysis

Key ratios to gain insights into a company's strategy, operational efficiency, and profitability

ROI focus

Evaluate business decisions from the lens of ROI​ and value creation

Investment Decisions

Make personal and business financial decisions with ease

Participants Speak Highly of the Program

Program Reviews for the Financial Acumen Program

Financial Acumen for Women - Testimonial

Premalatha R

This Program is very helpful to understand the financial factors associated with business and decision making. This course is very simple, easy to understand and the assessments after each module will give further clarity on the subject.

Financial Acumen for Women - Testimonial

Ramandeep Singh

The program served as a quick capsule to refresh some of the very important concepts of business finance, a must refresher course for non finance managers.

Financial Acumen for Women - Take Action Now
Does Finance Intimidate You?

Take Action Now

Build yourself at par with the business leaders and financial decision makers

Know Your Mentor

Financial Acumen Program is Taught by

Founder and CEO, GlobalGyan Academy

  • MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad
  • Ex- Chief Strategy Officer, Tata Communications
  • Ex- Member of Tata Group Chairman’s Office
  • Listed in Global 40 under 40 telecom industry leaders (2010-12)
  • Visiting Faculty at IIMA, NMIMS, IIMI, IITH, etc.: taught courses in Strategic Management, Strategic Alliances, Cross-border M&A, and Business Planning.
  • Author of 4 Cases in Strategy, M&A, and Ethics, published by Ivey, ISB, & IIMA.
  • Winner (#1) of ISB-Ivey Global Case Competition 2014 
How will this program help ?

Program Benefits

  1. Understand the fundamental principles of financial management and how they apply to your role in the organization.

  2. Learn how to evaluate financial statements and make informed decisions based on the data presented.

  3. Develop the skills necessary to effectively manage your personal and professional finances, including planning, investing, and cashflow management.

  4. Gaining knowledge about various financial products and services, including insurance, loans, and credit cards, and how to use them wisely.

Completion Certificate

Financial Acumen Program Certification

All participants with successful completion of the digital learning along with simulations will be awarded the completion certificate on the Graduation Day 

Financial Acumen for Women - Certificate
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