Design Thinking for Problem Solving


Course offers participants a Secret Sauce – a Design Thinking Framework- to help you build innovative solutions by looking beyond the obvious.

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We face various kinds of Problems and often solutions seem obvious. If the solutions are so obvious why do the problems still exist? Is there a secret sauce that enables smart managers to come up with innovative solutions? This course offers participants that Secret Sauce – a Design Thinking Framework- to help you build innovative solutions by looking beyond the obvious. This course will help you in changing your perspective to a problem thus helping you shine in your role.

What is Design Thinking?

1. The Curious Case of Credila
2. How Credila Can compete with Giant Banks?
3. Which one is Viable Option?
4. The Segway Saga
5. Why Did Segway Fail?
6. The Gillette Story

Design Thinking Framework

1. The process of Design Thinking
2. Kensington Road
3. Case Study: Kid’s Tooth Brush
4. Case Study: Optical Illusion
5. Dimensions of Observation
6. Test Your Observation Skills
7. Case Study: Henry Ford Hospital

What is Empathetic Observation

1. Ways of Observing
2. Case Study: OMO
3. Your Approach to the OMO Case

Solving the Right Problem

1. Are You Asking the Right Question?
2. Case Study: Solving the Wrong Problem
3. The Real Problem
4. Companies which asked the right Question
5. Fun Take on “Why Approach”

Personification and Journey Mapping

1. Personas
2. Examples of Personification
3. Creating a Journey Map

The Second Space:What IF

1. Brainstorming
2. Metaphor
3. Random Association
4. Case Study: Ideo Shopping Cart
5. The Staircase Dilemma
6. The Piano Staircase

The Third Space: What Wows

1. What Wows
2. The Fourth Space: What Works

Dr. Ashok Korwar
  • PhD from UCLA Anderson School of Management
  • Former Professor & Chairperson PGP, IIM Ahmedabad
  • Focus on Strategic Thinking, Innovation, Design Thinking

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand design thinking and its importance through case studies
  • Understand the process of design thinking
  • Observe and listen to your customers through empathetic observation
  • Importance of asking right question and find out the right problem with your product
  • Be able to redesign customer experience for your products/services
  • Implement design thinking, a powerful innovation methodology and process
  • Overcome common blocks that hold organizations back from growth
  • Use proven processes for generating ideas and brainstorming solutions
  • Learn how to empathize and understand the needs and problems of users
  • Acquire the basic foundation skills needed to become an effective design thinker
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