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Solving complex problems is the essence of management

  • You are faced with “problems” to solve every day
  • You are inundated with information, some useful, mostly spurious
  • You have to deal with uncertainty and time pressure
  • Your decisions are impacted by and have impact on other people

If this is what your daily work looks like… you need this program

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Business Leader, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Teacher, Author

Every year, during appraisal season, there’s a popular phrase used in most discussions. It usually goes like this… “You are doing quite well in your work but you need to think strategically, if you want to get ahead.”


Strategic Thinking (or critical thinking) is used very regularly by all managers… but the problem is that very few understand what it really means, and even less so, how to improve it. Another phrase that we use frequently is “Connecting Dots“, everyone wishes to do it, but is there a way to learn how to do it?


Fortunately, you don’t have to be born a strategic thinker. It is a capability that can be built, systematically. I have worked with thousands of managers in this area, and invite you to join me in developing this crucial ability.


CEO, GlobalGyan Academy
Former Chief Strategy Officer, Tata Communications

What People Say

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving is necessary for your career growth. It is a competence that all managers are expected to exhibit.

Gave me a simulated view

“Helped me start thinking ahead and build the strategy for the business. Mega Trends and Connecting the Dots gave me a simulated view on handling such situations.”
Rajesh More
Sr. Product Manager

informative & beneficial

“I found the course to be highly informative and beneficial, helping me take better management decisions, running my US & Canadian businesses.”
Brian Cardin
Director, Sales–North America

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Learn at your convenience, but with the interactions and conversations that you expect from a Classroom program. 

Join hundreds of others who have learnt the secrets of strategic thinking from Srini


Whether you are,

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving is necessary for your career growth. It is a competence that all managers are expected to exhibit.

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Our complete program helps you think ahead of your competitors and build strategy for your day to day projects, business and yourself.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions our customers ask.

Yes! GlobalGyan will give all participants a certificate on completion of the program.

No, you will get access till 6 months after enrolment. You can go through the lessons any time you like. We want you to complete the workshop and put your learning into practice!

You will have 4.5 hours of interactive, self-paced lessons which will be available to you. As soon as the program commences, you will receive details on how to access the digital content at your convenience, as many times as you want.

  • You will learn from an industry leader who teaches you from experience, and will only teach you what is necessary for your practical application
  • You can ask questions, have a conversation with Srini… through the live session or through our #powerpresenters group
  • GlobalGyan’s digital lessons are extremely practical and interactive, so you will apply your learning immediately