Business Model Transformation


The interactive course content will help you understand and apply learning to your businesses to catch early signs of potential disruptions in your model.

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We often hear terms like “Uberization” “ Network Model” and “Business model evolution”. What really is a business model and how do new entrants disrupt an existing business. This course helps you understand the fundamentals of four kinds of business models and there key drivers. The interactive course content will help you understand and apply learning to your businesses to catch early signs of potential disruptions in your model.

What is a Business Model?

1. Introduction
2. Business Model
3. Strategy
4. Profit Model
5. Resources & Processes
6. Answer to the Interaction

How Business Creates Value?

1. Why Does a Business Deserve to Earn a Profit?
2. The Usual Responses
3. What Does Profit Mean?
4. Why Should the Customer be willing to pay more than Cost?
5. Why Customer Pays More Than Cost?
6. Case Examples
7. How Business Creates Value?
8. Value Generation

Fundamental Business Model-I

1. Business Models
2. Asset Builders
3. Build Tangible Capacity
4. Two Kinds of Output
5. How is the Product or Service Priced
6. Value Creation

Fundamental Business Model-II

1. Service Providers
2. Build Human Capacity
3. How to Price the Service Provider’s Service?
4. How to Drive Skill arbitrage?
5. Value Driver of Service Providers
6. Profitability of the Service Models
7. How do we grow Non-Linearly?

Transformation Model-I

1. How Do we Grow our Profits?
2. Additional Business Models
3. Intellectual Property
4. Technology Creators
5. Case Example
6. How Intellectual Property Creates Value?
7. Multiplier Effect of Intellectual Property
8. How to price Intellectual Property Products?
9. Value Driver of The Technology Creator Business
10. How to Become Technology Creators?

Transformation Model-II

1. Asset Builders
2. Service Providers
3. Network Orchestrators
4. Creation of Market Places
5. What is a Marketplace?
6. Discovery of Buyers and Sellers
7. Challenges of a MarketPlace
8. How to Counter these Challenges?
9. Case Example
10. How MarketPlaces Can Drive Sales?
11. Enabling Transactions
12. Discovering Hidden Capacity
13. Drive Capacity utilization
14. Pricing the Marketplace Model
15. Value Driver for a Marketplace
16. Potential Network
17. Four Business Models

Srinivasa-Money Wealth Creation
Srinivasa Addepalli
  • MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad
  • Ex- Chief Strategy Officer, Tata Communications
  • Focus on Strategy, M&A, Commercial Acumen, Leadership Communication

What Will You Learn?

  • Familiarizes you with business models and how they relate to the strategy of a company
  • Understand profit model
  • An analysis of the value proposition of a business
  • Learn how to create value and earn profit
  • Understanding asset builders
  • Learn to price a product or service
  • How to compare profitability of different service models
  • Detailed understanding of intellectual property and its products
  • Understanding of technology creators
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